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Perception Technology Solutions


We deliver high quality custom solution for a variety of use cases.  We negotiate the best prices with the leading suppliers and pricing is based on a time and materials to deliver the solutions.  No hidden costs, no expensive mark-ups and only the best products.

If you are working to a budget, we can help you purchase equipment directly from the market and you pay for as little or as much of our time as you need to deliver the project.

...and if you are worried about support and maintenance we cover the system as a whole giving you the piece of mind that you only need to send one email or make one phone to get professional assitance.

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From free flowing traffic to car park management we can supply and deliver comprehensive automatic number plate recognition systems

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Working across the entire solution we can offer device integration, IoT integration, intelligent analytics, bespoke AI Deep Learning solutions and a fully customised user interface and reporting tool

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Combining IoT devices, such as sensor and cameras, can provide data that both helps to maintain and manage buildings.  This can also be used in providing deep insights into space management, for example the understanding how humans interact with the the retail environment or buildings


high definition ip video surveillance 

Providing clear easy to access video that can help both in terms of management and ensuring safety and security is essential.  Integration with other systems is complex and requires multi-skilled engineers who understand APIs, networks and hardware.  With many years of experience in this field we are able to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers.



Making a fully integrated solution work requires high levels of skills and knowledge, few companies have the experience of working with video analytics that TectumAi, we also supply our own bespoke reporting interface with a unique AI engine to make sense of the all data